The food

We cook and bake with knowledge, love and butter. Experience the smell from freshly baked buns and cakes. Then step into the café and chose from all the goodies.
Our confectioner Sara bakes buns, cookies, cakes and pastries from her personal recipes. Cakes you can’t get anywhere else. We also have some classics in the confection fridge, as well as tasty alternatives for vegans or guests with allergies.

In our kitchen, we cook with Swedish meat, Swedish birds and organic eggs. Cheese and milk from Falköpings dairy and whenever possible, vegetables from local farmers. Our coffee and wine are also organic. We also offer vegan alternatives. We are always picky when choosing ingredients and only buy high-quality products. Preferably locally produced ingredients. Some products are not available in our region, however, but we always make an effort to find the best alternatives.