Our menu will partially change during the season. Visit our Facebook page for the current menu.

Salisbury steak with dill-boiled potatoes, cream sauce, homemade lingonberry jam and pressed cucumber. This goody was a clear favorite last season, so it will stay on for a while. Soups, salads and filling sandwiches, as far as possible made from seasonable ingredients.

Soup buffet and bread 115:-
Salisbury steak with butter fried onion, cream sauce and lingonberry jam 125:-
Cheese-pie with pickled red onion, pesto and salad 125:-
Vegan plate with sweet potato salad and green salad 100:-

Bus lunch (served weekdays 11:30 PM 3 AM):
Bus lunch includes water, bread, coffee and biscuit.
20 people minimum agree on one and the same dish.
Soup buffet 115:-
Salisbury steak with onions, lingonberry jam, cream sauce and potatoes 125:-
Herb-overbaked salmon with white wine sauce and potatoes 165:-

We gladly arrange wedding dinners after 6 PM. Price from 495:-/person.
The price is for a three-course dinner.

Dinner party:
Is it your birthday or do you just feel like celebrating?
We can set up a dinner according to your wishes in our beautiful café.
Contact us regarding menu and price.