About us

Here at Café Doppingen, you’ll find us, Ingrid in the kitchen and Sara in the bakery. When I took over as a tenant at Café Doppingen in the spring of 2019, it became the 4th restaurant / café I ran as a self-employed person. Imagine being able to live and work in such a beautiful province as Västergötland. I have always lived here and always will. Admittedly, I live on beautiful Kinnekulle and have to travel a bit to get to work at Café Doppingen by the wonderful Lake Hornborga.

I had no idea that cooking would be my future profession when I studied decoration as a teenager. Only in my 30s did I start thinking about running a restaurant, encouraged by praise for my cooking. Since 1988, I have been running restaurants and served numerous meals in various contexts, including weddings, birthdays, funerals, christenings, Sunday dinners, tuxedo dinners and lots of lunches. My aim in cooking is to offer well-cooked food, classic Swedish dishes that get a little extra care. Honest food from quality ingredients. My education in decoration and an interest in aesthetics is also very beneficial in the restaurant profession. For 13 seasons, I ran a restaurant and café at Hellekis Säteri and almost all that time we were part of the White Guide, both as a restaurant and café. We have brought with us the spirit that we worked with during those years to Café Doppingen and we strive to continue with the same high goals. We work for good hospitality in harmony with an enjoyable dining experience.

Sara is my youngest daughter and she worked with me for the 13 seasons that I ran Hellekis Trädgårdscafé & Kök. Sara, too, has an aesthetic education and an eye for beauty. She presented fantastic salads and beautiful cakes during our time at Hellekis. Sara trained as a pastry chef during 2017-2018 and became my partner once again when we started up at Doppingen 2019. For Sara, it is important that all visitors, regardless of food allergies or preferences, should be able to choose from a variety of cakes on offer. This is much appreciated by our guests. From time to time Sara gets an order for cakes for special occasions and then she plans the design and tastes a little extra. Her large and tasty buns have also received attention, including from a British journalist last year. A couple of her specials are salted caramel cake with banana bases and mocha cake with both chocolate and meringue bases. If you want to order pastries for anniversaries or afternoon coffee, we accept orders for this. You can always buy the buns and cakes from our fridge to take away.

We know that, from time to time, there are a lot of guests here, and we can assure you that we work as hard as we can to receive you all.