About us

I’m running Café doppingen since the spring of 2019. By my side, I have my daughter Sara, who is an educated conditioner and the person who bakes the majority of all the goodies you can enjoy when visiting us.
For 13 years, I ran the restaurant at Hellekis Farmhouse, which got a lot of recognition in the White Guide for the food and pastries. We continue our work in the same spirit here at Doppingen, and keep striving towards the same high goals.

We aim to be both a great host and provide you with an enjoyable eating experience. We are connected to the countryside of Västergötland and strive to serve our customers well cooked, well-seasoned food with a touch of love for our region.
We know that there are many guests during high season and can assure you that we do our best to make room for everybody.