We have closed for the season

Situated on the shore of Lake Hornborga, in a beautiful thatched roof house with floor-to-ceiling windows,
you’ll find Café Doppingen. Lake Hornborga is one of Swedens most famous bird lakes where cranes rest in spring.
The Swedish summer meadow with its flowers, greenery and swaying trees surrounds the café.
Pasturing cattle and cheep, birds singing and the blue water of the lake.
Yes, this is a place of solace for the soul, taking in the scents of nature and letting the wind ruffle your hair.

Walk the pilgrims’ trail, visit Naturum, have a look around the nature reserve. Visit Kata farm and Varnhems Abbey.
Take a drive on Billingen, explore Vallebygden and enjoy the blossoming cherry trees in spring.
There are many reasons to visit the surroundings of Lake Hornborga.

Our menu mostly consists of Swedish classics. We do, however, allow ourselves to borrow bits and pieces from the Mediterranian cuisine. We also serve fresh sandwiches, freshly baked buns and delicious cakes. Locally produced ingredients, mostly organic and carefully selected. The extraordinary birdlife of Lake Hornborga attracts people from far and wide. Welcome in and have a taste of all our goodies, and you’ll have even more reason to visit the lake.

Ingrid Axelsson and staff

Dogs are also welcome